Value Line Multi-Cap Global Portfolio

Seize the potential for growth by investing in U.S.-listed companies that generate significant revenues from foreign (non-U.S.) business activities. The Value Line Multi-Cap Global Portfolio enables investors to participate in global growth by owning share in companies that generate more than 50% of their revenues from activities outside of the U.S. By investing in this portfolio of publicly traded companies, investors can enjoy the transparency and regulatory benefits of the U.S stock markets while gaining significant portfolio exposure to revenues generated from international business opportunities.

Investment Objective

Capital Appreciation

Portfolio Characteristics

Number of Stocks 51
Average Market Cap $24B
Trading Frequency Monthly
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly

Investment Approach

All Value Line Ranked stocks that have significant revenues generated from activities outside of the U.S. are eligible for inclusion in the Value Line Multi-Cap Global Portfolio Composite. Approximately 200 companies meet the Composite criteria out of the 1700 Value Line universe. U.S.-listed securities within the portfolio are selected from stocks with a higher Timeliness™ Rank and significant foreign-sourced revenue. The Composite will consist of 50 stocks.

How Stocks Are Selected

The Portfolio will consist of stocks meeting the following criteria:

  • Stocks with over 50% of revenue from outside the U.S.
  • Higher Value Line Timeliness™ Rank
  • The Portfolio consists of approximately 50 stocks
  • Stocks are reselected and equally weighted each month

Top 10 Holdings (%) as of 12/31/23

Company Name Weight (%)
Lam Research Corp 2.27
Caterpillar Inc 2.14
Ralph Lauren Corp Class A 2.05
PVH Corp 2.04
Inter Parfums Inc 2.04
Autodesk Inc 2.03
Vertiv Holdings Co Class A 2.03
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd ADR 2.02
KLA Corp 2.02
Axalta Coating Systems Ltd 2.02

Performance as of 12/31/23

Name QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Year Since Incep*
Value Line Multi-Cap Global Portfolio (Gross) 9.39% 24.59% 24.59% 9.88% 14.91%
Value Line Multi-Cap Global Portfolio (Net) 9.28% 24.09% 24.09% 9.44% 14.45%
S&P 500 Index 11.69% 26.29% 26.29% 10.00% 13.80%

Since Inception returns reflect the Composite inception date of 8/31/2019.
Performance shown for periods 1 year and greater are annualized.

Net Returns are inclusive of EULAV Asset Management’s investment advisory fee of 40 bps and no other transaction costs. Actual fees incurred by clients may vary because of additional bundled fees, such as custodian fees, other management fees, or platform fees, that are not fees charged by or known to EULAV Asset Management. All investments involve risks, including loss of capital, and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be met.

Sector Distribution as of 12/31/23

Source: Morningstar Direct.